The very first blog post

This is my very first blog post, which I am currently writing at 2am! This is a good indication as to why I am starting these blogs, as I am an overthinker and let my brain run wild, unable to sleep and switch off.

I will explain in a later blog but I have been through a tough time as a young single mum and even though I’ve been knocked back a number of times, I’ve always managed to keep moving forward. By writing about my experiences I am hoping I can help others, how others helped me.

At my hardest time, I found myself reading blogs and watching vlogs on YouTube. I found myself being able to switch off and focus on other things for an hour or so to forget about what was going on in my life around me. 4 years later I am still following and subscribed to the same people that helped me cope. My favourite YouTuber was and still is Zoella! I just love the type of person she is fun, kind and down to earth and her videos gave me a happy feeling. I recommend her videos highly!

I am hoping that by blogging myself, others are able to connect and relate to what I am writing and to know that they are not feeling the way they are on their own.


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