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image.jpegHappy New Year! 

Today is the day that everyone feels motivated and head strong about wanting to change certain aspects of their lives. New Years resolutions! – how many of you  make a New Years resolution? Ok how many of you actually stick to your new years resolution?

For the past few years, I have just ignored this tradition as I didn’t want to make a resolution, as I knew that I most probably wouldn’t stick to it. My downfall in life, is eating to much junk food. I love my food! I went through a stage where I had been through such a rough time, that I thought, I am going to eat what I like (in moderation)as life is short and I want to enjoy good food, instead of eating that uninviting bowl of leaves and more leaves. It doesn’t make me happy, but that big juicy burger does!

The only downside to eating all this lovely food is that I spend a fortune on it! I have happily accepted this before now. I don’t know what’s made me want to change this year, but I am going to set myself a New Years resolution! Wow! By writing this, this becomes a set challenge I need to stick too!

This is the 52 week money saving challenge! (printable)

This is an easy way of being able to save some money without breaking the bank by the end of the year, that you hopefully won’t even notice. If you want to change the amounts to save more money then go ahead!


I think this is a nice challenge to set,which actually seems doable! Get yourself a jar or a new savings bank account and start saving! If you have any loose change lying around then put this in your jar too! It will soon add up and you will not notice it coming out of your wages.

I do already save money monthly, but this is a fun way of making that extra money which you won’t realise is making you a £1000 by the end of the year! Give it a go! I would love to hear from you too, and let me know how you are getting on, and if you are going to accept the 52 week money challenge!

Happy New Year and good luck saving!!


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