A trip to Cape Verde…

Back in September 2016, my other half Ashley and I wanted to get away somewhere with white sands, clear seas and most importantly sun! We searched around for weeks trying to find the perfect holiday location. We then got drawn to CAPE VERDE.                                                  We did not of know any friends or family who had been to this destination so it was a real leap in the dark. It seemed to tick all the boxes and looked beautiful in pictures. It is the new up and coming holiday destination, an Afro-carribean island.

The island of SAL – Melia Dunas Resort

So the hotel we stayed in was 1 of 3 hotels on the island. The island is very small and is mainly barren land. The island itself has no form agriculture or water supply which means literally everything must be imported. Make sure you pack plenty of suncream, as you will most certainly need it and it will cost you €30 to buy a replacement when out there.

cape-verde-islandIf you are after a relaxing holiday to enjoy the beaches and laze around the pool, then this will be perfect for you. If you are wanting to be adventurous and explore then this may not be for you. There is not much to do or see on this island.


When we arrived at the airport, the majority of the people on our plane were staying at our hotel. To skip the ques and to save time, we chose to skip the free coach transfer with our package holiday and jump in a taxi. This cost us €15 and was worth every penny. We were the first to arrive at our hotel and got checked in, straight away! Allowing us to get settled into our room much quicker and make it to the restaurant for dinner.

The sun is so hot on the island, being in line with the equator. Even if the sun hides behind the clouds for a while, you are still at risk of burning! (This is what happened to me) There are a few excursions you can do whilst on the island, such as catamarans, turtle watching, island tours, snorkelling and scuba diving.

We booked the island tour and the turtle watching! We are so pleased that we did. The island tour, takes you around the island on a 4×4 and stops off at specific areas worthwhile exploring. They take you to see an area where you can see sharks in the sea, to a desert where you can see a mirage, a local town where you can take a walk and visit the local shops, a salt lake where you can take a dip in the natural lake and float! and visit a beautiful natural sight called the ‘blue eye’.

Santa Maria is a fishing town in the south part of the island. It is a must to visit, just to see the amazing beaches. It cost €3 in a taxi to get there! The beaches look like something from a magazine, with the white sand and the clear blue waters. You can grab a snorkel and get into the sea and swim with little fish, being able to see right to the bottom of the water beneath you. You will be surrounded by the locals who are also enjoying the lovely sunshine and beach. You can watch the local fishermen arrive back at the shore, with their daily catches.

I hope you enjoy some of my holiday pictures.

If any of you are thinking about going and need some advice or tips, ask away. How many of you have been and enjoyed this vacation?



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