Take me out…

Watching tv has become a thing of the past for me. Unfortunately due to work and life commitments I don’t have the time to sit down and watch everything I would like to on tele anymore.

I used to love watching soaps such as, holly oaks, reality tv shows, home renovation programmes and things like British bakeoff, first dates etc 

I still do enjoy the odd programme here and there, when I am not working. I will watch things on catch up tv. At the moment I am currently watching,

  • First dates hotel
  • The undateables 
  • 60 days in prison 
  • A series of unfortunate events -Netflix

Recently I was very lucky to visit a tv studios, to watch the production of take me out! It was a great atmosphere and I enjoyed being in the audience so much! It was interesting to go back stage and see how the stage is created and the set filmed.

There were a few things that went on behind the filming of the programme that doesn’t appear on tv. If you watch the programme you will understand when I talk about the girls (contestants) join the stage by walking down the steep steps. They made them re do this by walking back up the stairs, to then walk back down again. (In their 6-7 inch high heels!)

Paddy mcguiness the host, was so friendly and kept the audience entertained with a comedian throughout the filming and intervals. He really is just as funny in person as he is on tv. I was lucky to be on the end row, right by the stage, and got given a balloon in the shape of a dog from paddy! 

It was a fun evening and free! I would recommend to anyone to go along to be in the audience of a show. It was a good laugh and I came out with achey cheeks from laughing so much! 

I went with my mum, sister, auntie and cousin. It was a great girly evening!

Have any of you been to any shows? How did you find them?  


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