My current perfumes…

Perfumes are a luxury treat, us girls love to wear on a day to day basis. There is something special about perfume, that can make us instantly happy with just a few sprays. The lovely scent, tickles your senses and gives you that feel good feeling. Whether you have just had a sweaty workout, or your making yourself look glamorous for a night out a spritz of perfume adds that final touch to make everything better!


Some of the perfumes I am using at the moment!

ALIEN – Thierry Mugler

‘Inspired by an amethyst it symbolises serenity.’

Fragrance: Floral – Woody

A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber. I love wearing this perfume for a special occasion. I feel that the scent is too overpowering and strong for daytime, but perfect for a date night or party.

£68.50 – 60ml……£51.50 – 30ml


DAISY – Marc Jacobs

‘Bright, floral and fruity fragrances. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy.’

Fragrance: Fruity – Floral

This perfume is the original scent of the Daisy range. The scent radiates with crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose and deep warm plum. This perfumes is one of my top favourites for an every day scent. It is feminine and light which is nice and subtle. I easily use quite a few sprays when applying this.

£79 – 125ml……£58.50 – 75ml


LADY MILLION – Paco Rabanne

‘Determined, brilliant and playful, lady million leads the way.’

Fragrance: Floral

Lady Million is a scent for seduction, which is woody and floral. The scent is beautiful and designed for an evening occasion. I used to use this alot! But only have a tiny bit left now, so use it sparingly. It is a perfume you could wear in the daytime also. If you were on a day out and wanted to add that elegant touch, this would be perfect.

£63 – 80ml…….£54 – 50ml……..£39 – 30ml


JIMMY CHOO – Original

‘Jimmy choo has captured the hearts of women around the world.’

Fragrance – Chypre – fruity

This perfume is full of feminity, luxury and style. This fragrance is my ultimate favourite at the moment! This is probably due to it being my newest addition. The scent is made up of tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and indonesian patchouli. Whenever I apply this, I instantly smell it and feel great. I was intending on wearing this perfume for days when I want to dress up, look and smell good. I have been naughty and been using this daily! Its just too good, to not!

£71.50 – 100ml……£51.50 – 60ml……£41 – 40ml




I hope you have enjoyed reading this.  Let me know, what your favourite perfumes are?


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