Whats in my graze box this week?…

In attempts to get healthy and start the new year right. I have signed up and been getting Graze boxes delivered to my home address.


What is a Graze box?

A Graze box is a small cardboard box, witch fits perfectly through your letterbox with 4 small containers inside. Each container will have a healthy snack you can graze on. There are over 100+ different types of healthy snacks to try. The excitment of recieving the box, is that you don’t know, what yummy snack you are going to recieve.


You are able to go online on their website:


and view all the different options to choose from. It allows you to Rate your snack. You can either  Bin it, Try it, Like it or Love it.

It even allows you to select a box saying, send soon. This can be opted on the snack you cant wait to try and wish to try soon.

The boxes are £3.99 and you are able to decide how often you want them delivered. I have opted for the fortnightly delivery.


The Boston Baguettes with a BBQ relish

This yummy snack is handy to pop in your lunch box or handbag for when you need that little snack to keep your rumbling tummy at bay. This snack only contains 89 calories!


Rhubarb and Pear compote

This snack pot contains dried fruits, rhubarb, pear and cranberries. Really healthy and easily fills a hole to keep you going throughout the day. A much better option, than snacking on that chocolate bar or bag of crisps.


Peaches and cream

This snack contains belgian white chocolate, peach drops, sponge drops and coconut. It is full of fibre and is under 150 calories! I love getting a handful of this mix and eating it together. It has lovely flavours when tried all together.


Honeycomb and almond protein yoghurt topper

This is a different snack from the rest. This is to be added on top of your yoghurt or breakfast. This is also full of fibre. It contains, oat and barley granola, almond, chocolate coated honeycomb and soya protein crispies.


I have recieved these codes, to allow 4 of you to get your 1st, 5th & 10th Graze box for Free! Once the codes have been used, they will be gone.


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