Valentines Day Lush Haul…

♥Lush Valentines Day Haul! ♥

Valentines day is fast approaching, which for some of us means we can get all romantic and put all the stops out to treat our loved ones. But for some others it’s the day of the year that you dread, as once again you are spending it alone. ♥

Whether you are with someone or not, a lush bath will make you feel better and instantly cause you to forget about finding that special someone. As all that matters to you, at that moment in time, is relaxing in that gorgeous fragranced bath. It will help you unwind and embrace the moment. ♥

I was so excited when the doorbell rang this morning, to find the postman at the door with this Lush delivery. I am dying to share these with you! ♥


If you have ever ordered from Lush online, then you will have experienced the overload of packaging. Its like rummaging through a lucky dip, to find your special prize.


Even though the packaging will definitly go everywhere, it keeps the bath bombs intact and they look as good as new when they arrive.







A sure-fire way to send hearts a quiver


This cute looking bath bomb, looks and smells amazing. It is full of rose petals,fresh raspberry juice and uplifting bergamont oil. It turns your bath into a beautiful pink colour and leaves your skin smelling of raspberries. If you were to use this before a date, who could resist you?


Lover Lamp

They call me Mr. Bombastic..


This bathbomb is huge! When I picked it up, it was as big as my whole hand. The heart looks stunning against the contrast of the white background. This bathbomb contains organic cocoa butter, perfume and vanilla absolute. I would recommend using this whilst getting ready for a night out, or even for a special night in. This bathbomb is great to watch, as it fizzles away. As it fizzles, the hearts stay behind, Cute!!



Who’s giving you heart eyes?


This bubble bar, instantly makes me happy. I love the emoji look they have gone for and the heart eyes are my fave! This bubble bar is designed to be crumbled under the tap as the bath is running, to create the best luxurious bubbles. It contains oils to make your skin silky smooth.


Two Hearts Beating As One

Heart crossed lovers


This is beautiful design of two hearts joining together, is a perfect and great way to include two lovely oils. When this is placed in your hot bath, the colours run and blend together, making a lovely pattern. It contains fairtrade organic cocoa butter, almond oil, apricot kernel oil and argan oil! The combination of oils, soften your skin and fill ther air with an aroma which helps your body unwind.



I really hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, as much as i enjoyed writing it. Let me know, if you have used any of these products and your thoughts on them?



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