What’s in my Handbag?…

I am always interested, and enjoy reading about what other people carry around in their handbags, so I thought I would share with you, what’s in mine! I am always rummaging around in my bag to find either my keys or lipsil. As much as I like to think I am tidy, my bag tells a different story!


This is my go to handbag at the moment, as it has that classic style and colour which pretty much goes with everything! It is from Carvela. I love the tan colour with the gold detail.



So inside my bag, I have all of these items.

  • Kate Spade Purse
  • Tangle Teezer – as you never know, when you might need to brush that untamely hair
  • Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop – I love putting this on my hands in the winter months a sthey tend to get a little dry. This cream stops them from cracking and keeps my skin nice and soft. It smells delicious too!
  • A pack of wipes – These come in handy, when I want to give my hands a quick clean before eating
  • Diary – To try and organise my life
  • Nivea Pearl Shine Lip sil – This is my ulimate favourite item!
  • Maybelline Fairly Bare Lipstick
  • A pack of nail files
  • Warrant Card
  • Marc Jacobs Glasses – I am meant to wear these most of the time, but hardly ever put them on
  • Zara Dark Emarald perfume – A cheap option, for just in case I want that extra spritz
  • Rennie – To help with my IBS and current Gastritis


Here I am wearing a combination of the Nivea Pearl Shine lipsil and the Maybelline fairly bare lipstick. It gives a subtle shiny pink look, which I wear almost daily. The Nivea Pearl Shine lipsil, is always on me, where ever I go! I have been using this lip sil for years and am probably on my 100th!

Hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my handbag! x


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