Evening routine…

Depending on how much time I have and what I am doing in the evening, then my evening routine may vary. The routine I am going to share you with, is what I do most evenings. Evenings are my most favourite time of the day.


I like to start the evening by catching up and watching any programmes I have missed. I usually come up to the bedroom and watch the YouTube videos I am subscribed too. This allows me to chill and unwind after a hectic day.


I will then get comfy and take off all my jewellery. I like to keep my most worn jewellery together in this cute little heart pot. This is my go to jewellery and current favourites. The jewellery in this picture have all been gifts from my other half, so I like to make sure they are looked after.


I will then light any candles that I can set my sights on! I absolutely love candles! They make me feel so relaxed and cosy. This Yankee Candle – Jamaican Rum Punch smells amazing! It is so sweet and makes me feel like I should be on holiday somewhere sipping cocktails! This is probably more of a summery scent, but it’s just too good, to not burn!


I will then run myself a bath or shower. Depending on whether or not I am washing my hair or not. I tend to wash my hair in the mornings as i prefer a shower in the morning and a bath at night. I love a bath and will 90% have one most evenings! I love to make them super hot and feel so relaxed after. I am extra happy, if I can get my hands on a lush bath bomb!









I will then brush my teeth, whilst I am already in the bathroom. I use the Oral B White toothpaste. This is quite pricey, but it makes your teeth feel so smooth afterwards, I can’t not buy it! I love my electric toothbrush, it lets me know when its time to swap sides and when the 2 minutes are up and I can stop brushing. It also lights up if I am brushing too hard.


I will then dry myself off, get into my PJs and put on my super cosy dressing gown! I love this so much! It is so soft and fluffy inside. It’s from Marks and Spencers and gets worn everyday by me! It has deep large pockets, a cosy hood and beautiful polka dots all over it, which I am a sucker for.

fullsizerender48   fullsizerender43

I then use these Simple, radiance makeup wipes, to remove any excess makeup still on my face, that did not come off in the shower/bath. The wipes are the best I have tried yet! They remove all my stubborn makeup and mascara, and leave my skin feeling refreshed and clean. It also brightens my face with a slight glow, which is nice after removing all the makeup.


I will then apply my L’oreal Skin Perfection creams. I will use the serum first and then the correcting moisturiser second. This keeps my skin feeling silky smooth.


I will then lay on my bed and either watch more tele or, use this time for revision for work or blog for you guys. I like to get comfy and cosy up whilst its so cold at the moment in the wintery months. The bedroom is the perfect place for this.

This is where I will then spend the rest of the evening, until it’s time to turn out the lights and fall fast asleep……


Hope you have enjoyed reading my evening routine. Sweet dreams x


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