20 blog ideas…

There is nothing worse than experiencing  writers block! There are moments, where you just want to blog and share some useful and interesting content to your readers, but you can’t. 

For those of you that are experiencing writers block, I have created a list of 20 ideas to get your imagination working again. Hopefully this helps and keeps your mind fresh of ideas for a while! 

Sometimes when I am out and about, I will think of something that I would like to write about. To remind myself for later, I will jot this down in my notes section on my phone. 

Blog ideas

  1. Monthly favourites 
  2. Dating/ relationship advice 
  3. Favourite bloggers/blogs
  4. Q+A
  5. News headlines (your thoughts)
  6. What’s in your bag?
  7. Diary of your life or daily activities 
  8. Favourite beauty products 
  9. Makeovers (before + afters)
  10. Cooking recipes 
  11. Makeup tutorials 
  12. Morning/evening routines 
  13. Review products you love or hate 
  14. Gift guides
  15. Travel advice 
  16. OOTD (outfit of the day)
  17. Pros + cons post 
  18. Fitness workout 
  19. Shopping Hauls 
  20. Bucket list 

I hope this gives you some inspiration to write some amazing blogs! x


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