Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow! I have only been blogging for a month and I honestly can’t believe that I have been nominated for an award. I never thought people would be interested in my content and it makes me so happy to know that, people do read it and people do like it! Receiving this award really has made my day and I am very grateful! I am grateful for the nomination and to everyone who takes time out their day to read my blogs! 

I was nominated by Lacey Lou xoxo Go and check out her blog and follow! 

I have been asked to write 7 facts about myself. I found this so hard but have thought up some random facts to share with you all.

  1. I love to sing! I am always singing everywhere I go..unfortunately I’m not that good, but I can’t help it, I can’t stop! (Sorry, I’m that annoying person in the car)
  2. Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with Dr Pepper…what’s the worst that can happen,right? 
  3. I no longer have an appendix. I had it removed 2 years ago after getting appendicitis.
  4. I am lucky to have purchased my own home and start my dream career within last year, aswell as being a single mum. (I would love to inspire other young mums,you can do it!)
  5. I can be very stubborn at times and will voice my opinion for what I believe in! (Only if I know I’m right) 
  6. I’m known by friends and colleagues to always be so smiley! They all say I’m friendly and bubbly and love talking and sharing my stories! (I’m such a chatterbox) 
  7. I have a really odd phobia! I am scared of bananas! I know it’s weird…people don’t take it seriously, so I tell everyone, I’m allergic!! 

My nominations to other bloggers that I believe you should check out are:

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Thankyou so much x 


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