What’s in my graze box this week?…

If you have read my other blogs, you would have seen I posted a blog about my subscription to Graze.com. I receive a box  of goodies through my letter box every 2 weeks! It’s always a nice surprise as I forget what week it is due to be delivered.Today I received this box, which is my favourite yet!

What is a Graze box?

A Graze box is a small cardboard box, witch fits perfectly through your letterbox with 4 small containers inside. Each container will have a healthy snack you can graze on. There are over 100+ differeUnt types of healthy snacks to try. The excitment of recieving the box, is that you don’t know, what yummy snack you are going to recieve.

You can visit their website:


You can view all the different options to choose from. It allows you to Rate your snack. You can either Bin it, Try it, Like it or Love it.

It even allows you to select a box saying, send soon. This can be opted on the snack you cant wait to try and wish to try soon.

The boxes are £3.99 and you are able to decide how often you want them delivered. I have opted for the fortnightly delivery.

Sesame Garlic Crunch

This contains garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks and multigrain soy crackers. This is a delicious combination and is great for when I’m feeling peckish and wanting to pick! It is full of fibre and is under 150 calories.

Coco Paradise

I love coconut! It is so good for you and what more could you want, add it with chocolate! It contains Belgian milk chocolate, coconut and cranberries. This is also full of fibre. 

Jam Dunk

This snack looks absolutely delicious! It comes with dried apple slices for you to dip into the raspberry coulis. This is under 59 calories! Full of goodness and fibre! 

Spicy Thai Sriracha Peas

I have not yet tried these, but they look and sound amazing! I am so looking forward to trying these. They contain sriracha flavoured peas and half popped corn kernels with jungle salted corn. This is under 150 calories and is also full of fibre!

I would love to know what you think of the graze boxes and if you are also subscribed?


13 thoughts on “What’s in my graze box this week?…

  1. Fed says:

    I haven’t subscribed but I recently bought a small snack box from a shop near my office. It was surprisingly satisfying and filling 🙂 And to think I almost bought a Snickers bar 😛

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