10 signs you have been single for too long…

  1. You gravitate to the meals for 1 aisle in the supermarket and load up your trolley. You can’t remember the last time you actually cooked a meal for more than 1, what is cooking?
  2. Your family has given up asking, if you have got a boyfriend yet.                                 Well just wait until you actually get one. Their faces will be priceless.
  3. Your ex no longer refers to you as his ex.                                                                                Your more of a distant friend from the past, as you are now his ex,ex,ex,ex. 
  4. You have bought a cat.                                                                                                           Enough said!    
  5. The thought of sharing a bed is enough to make you weep.                                               You love to spread out starfish on the bed, your bed! The noise of someone else snoring is not on your wishlist.
  6. You do not own a single matching underwear set.                                                            Why would you try and match, when your body is only seen by you, and the cat!
  7. Freezing eggs, is definitely on your google history.                                                         You were always a life planner……is that weird?
  8. You have used up all the potential guys in the area you live on tinder ( and surrounding areas, and out the County)                                                                                You have reassured yourself this is due to people not using tinder anymore and nothing to do with your swiping habit.
  9. You consider going out with your ex again.                                                                        Well there is always the option, right? just incase, as a last resort!
  10.  You are on so many dating apps you start to realise people from them as if they are like your friends.                                                                                                                 That guy you saw in starbucks the other day, and nearly went and said hello to…yeah you recognised him from the screen from your phone!



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