Top 10 Romantic Films…

These Romantic films, are, my ultimate favourites! There are loads that I have missed out and there will probably be some that I will have forgotten about and wished I had placed them in my top 10 too. With Valentines round the corner, I thought it a perfect time to watch one of these movies, to get in the romantic mood. I am hoping that Netflix will add some good movies to fit in with the theme!

1.The Notebook


2.The Titanic


3.50 first dates


4.A walk to remember


5.10 things I hate about you


6.Pretty woman


7.How to lose a guy in 10 days


8.The Proposal


9.The holiday


10.The fault in our stars


If you haven’t seen any of these films yet, I recommend sitting down, with some popcorn, a blanket and enjoy! The note book will always be one of my favourite movies!

What are your favourite romantic movies? Please share yours x


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