Me and my other half don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, as we see it as one of them days in the year which is over commercialised. It’s his birthday on the 16th, so I can’t afford to celebrate both in one week! 

We always get eachother a card and have a nice home cooked dinner together! We really enjoyed the dining in for 2 marks and Spencer’s meal deal this year! It was a really good meal for only £20!!

With this we got: 

  1. Starter (scallops and mash potato in a creamy sauce
  2. Main (2 sirloin steaks)
  3. Side (garlic mushrooms)
  4. Dessert (chocolate mouse with a salted caramel centre)
  5. Bottle of prosecco 
  6. Chocolates 

I highly recommend! It was super tasty and easy to cook! 


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