Shopping haul…

Sometimes in life you just need to go out and treat yourself! Shopping for me, really does make me happy…Retail therapy is a thing!

There wasn’t really anything I particularly needed to buy today, so I find that’s the best time to shop! Your not focused on that one main item you need to hunt for and you can relax and get a feel for what pops out to you. 


The black Lacey bikini is from H&M it has a pretty gold detail to the front and looks frilly and feminine. I love the way the back tied up as a clip and not string! I find it fits more securely and feels more comfortable. The bottoms are so comfy and tie at the sides giving it a nice touch. I thought this would be perfect for my holiday in June. Top:£14.99 bottoms:£8.99

Underwear set 

This beautiful light pink lingerie set really stood out to me and caught my eye. I wanted to get a nice light colour to wear underneath light colour clothing that wasn’t white. I find white underwear can get a bit boring so this pink was perfect for a change. H&M…Bra:£12.99 Undies:£4.99


The mauve coloured bag was also from H&M. I thought this colour would go with most things and was a change from the same old Black or Tan colour I usually opt for. I wanted just a cheap over the shoulder bag for days when I don’t want to carry around a big bag and need to have my hands free. For example a shopping day or day in London. This was £12.99


Well obviously I can’t go shopping and pass a Lush store and not go in there! I absolutely love love love the smell of this amazing bubble bar! The comforter. I have done a blog post about the shower gel and I have now gone to buy the same smell but in different form! I wonder what I will prefer? My car now smells heavenly just from having this in my bag! I am tempted to break some off and put it in my wardrobe to make my clothes smell great! £4.95

High heels

These lovely black heels are from New Look. I needed a plain black heel to go with a floor length evening dress for a special occasion coming up! They made my ankle feel so secure and they felt so comfortable for a heel. I have so many heels from previously working in Kurt Geiger years ago,but didn’t have a plain black heel! Can you believe it! These were £25.99

Phone charger cable

Ok, so a bit of a random purchase to share with you! My current phone charger is currently hanging on to dear life by a thread! I have no idea how it’s actually still working! The wires are poking out the case and it’s actually pretty dangerous! I decided today when I saw this, that I will throw the death trap in the bin! I loved the design on this cable! There were other colours to pick from but I went for the pattern! I can now safely charge my phone in and in style. This was from H&M :£5.99

I don’t really think this picture does the top justice, but I absolutely love this! It was the perfect fit and the way the shifon material fell looked beautiful. Big sleeves are the in trend phase at the moment, but these sleeves the right kind of big! The 3/4 length sleeve gives the top a classy, elegant touch. I am a sucker for a frill, so this caught my eye straight away. It’s feminine, girly and cute! Just what I love! This was from Miss Selfridge :£30

Last but not least, I got this black long sleeved top from River Island. The picture I took didn’t show the detail of the sleeves very well, so have uploaded a picture from the website. I love this playful top, with the sexy lace popping out the sleeve with a girly frill to finish it off. I can’t wait to wear this top for the day. £22

Hope you enjoyed my shopping haul, any comments of what you did and didn’t like on my purchases then please share with me x 


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