Ways to make your perfume scent last longer…

All of us, well the majority of us love to wear a perfume or scent of some sort. The more we use the same perfume, the more acustomed our senses get to that particular scent. This then causes us to spray and apply it alot more throughtout the day as we think the scent has disappeared. The more we use, the quicker it runs out. Which to me and I dont know about anyone else, makes me sad! Perfume is not cheap…. so here are ways in which we can make the scent last longer and hopefully extend the life of our beloved perfume!

Build fragrance layers

Alot of fragrances now come in sets and have a shower gel or body lotion version. The more you use the shower gel and body lotion will result in you using the perfume less. The shower gel and the body lotion will have a more subtle scent than the perfume, but by building up the scent layers and letting the particles soak into your skin, your fragrance will keep going even after your perfume has worn off.

Soak it all up

The best time to spray yourself with perfume is when you are fresh out of the shower or bath. The water droplets will lock in the scent particles and soak them into your skin. If you are in a rush and don’t have time for a shower, apply vaseline to your pulse points before spraying your perfume, as this will hold onto the scent, preventing the particles from disappearing.

Spray strategically

The first pulse points most people aim for are the wrists and neck, but there’s also the inside of the elbows, backs of the knees and the ankles. Your midriff is also a surprinsingly good spot to spray, as its warm and central, so it will spread the fragrance around your body. A good idea is to spray your stomach and your neck, then lightly spray your ankles and backs of the knees so that your fragrance rises throughout the day. But please note, do not rub your wrists together after spraying as this usually crushes the top note particles, distorting the smell and stopping it from lasting as long.

Ensure your clothes smell fresh

There’s no point in putting all this effort in only to mask your favourite fragrance with musty-smelling clothes. Even if your laundry comes out smelling fresh, it often doesn’t last once its hung out in your wardrobe for a while. Find a good detergent that has a good long lasting fresh scent.

Touch up throughout the day

Rather than carry your bottle of perfume around with you, a little trick is to spray some cotton buds with it and keep them in a sandwich bag in your handbag. Then, whenever you want a touch-up, just take the cotton bud and smooth it over your pulse points.

fullsizerender13 My current favourite perfume: Jimmy Choo

Hope you have found some of these facts helpful x



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