What’s in my Graze box this week?…

If you have read my other blogs, you would have seen I posted a blog about my subscription to Graze.com. I receive a box  of goodies through my letter box every 2 weeks! It’s always a nice surprise as I forget what week it is due to be delivered.


On some of my other Graze boxes I have recieved, you will have seen that they sometimes come with a pattern on them. The last few times they have been plain like this one. I much prefer a nice brightly coloured patterned box, but I am sure they will come back soon!

What is a Graze box?

A Graze box is a small cardboard box, witch fits perfectly through your letterbox with 4 small containers inside. Each container will have a healthy snack you can graze on. There are over 100+ differeUnt types of healthy snacks to try. The excitment of recieving the box, is that you don’t know, what yummy snack you are going to recieve.



You can visit their website:


You can view all the different options to choose from. It allows you to Rate your snack. You can either Bin it, Try it, Like it or Love it.

It even allows you to select a box saying, send soon. This can be opted on the snack you cant wait to try and wish to try soon.

The boxes are £3.99 and you are able to decide how often you want them delivered. I have opted for the fortnightly delivery.


Coffee and Walnut Cake

Well this little snack sounds like a delight! I love coffee and walnut cake in cake form, as everyone knows I Love the cake. But for it to be made into a healthy snack really excites me. Chocolate coffee beans, walnuts, sponge pieces and raisins all sounds delicious.


Smokehouse Barbeque Crunch

This snack sounds tasty. Last time I ate a graze snack with chickpeas they were really hard and felt like I was going to crack a few teeth, so hopefully these peas, aren’t so hard! The barbeque flavour will compliment the snacks perfectly and I am looking forward to trying this. Barbeque peas, jumbo chilli corn and corn chips. This snack is under 150 calories and is full of fibre.


Jam Doughnut

Who doesn’t love a jam doughnut! Well how about getting to eat it, in this form of a snack so you don’t have to lick your lips. This really sounds amazing…raspberry strings, sponge pieces, raspberry, cranberries and almonds! Yum, yum, yum!


Raspberry Bakewell

This is the first Graze snack I have seen, that you can eat hot or cold. The raspberry compote can be placed in the microwave for 10 seconds or it can be eaten as it is. The bakewell sponge looks amazing, not big enough for my liking, as I could eat so much more of this! Bakewell is one of my favourite cakes, so this will be a huge delight!



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