100!! Followers! 

I really can’t believe that there are now 100 people out there, who have liked my blogs enough to want to follow me.I can’t believe the support and encouragement I have received from my followers in such a small period of time. I want to thank all those people so much! 

I get so excited when I see that I have received a notification from WordPress and can’t wait to find out where it’s come from or what it is! I will respond to comments as soon as I can and all the comments are so nice from all you lovely people! 

When I started the blog, I was unsure as to whether people would be interested in my content and if it would even get noticed in anyway and I certainly did not expect I would be sat here writing this kind of blog! I started to blog as a hobby as I love to watch vlogs and read other people’s blogs in my spare time and I think it’s great that we can all help eachother with advice and guidance, in different aspects of life. The little spare time I do get, I am on here writing or thinking of ideas of what to write. I get a lovely warm feeling inside, when I know that my blog has helped someone in some way shape or form. This keeps me going to write more and more! 

Thankyou so much…. Love and wishes to you all! X


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