Beauty: Facial Make-up tips from experts…

I submitted a beauty blog recently with tips for using nail polish. The blog seemed to go down well and people loved the hints and tricks to making that beauty process slightly easier. I am back with another blog which is similar, but to do with facial makeup!

‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’ – Coco Chanel

I love this quote! 

Perk up the face

After a busy day, or day at work when you are going straight out after, don’t just apply another layer of powder to your face. Topping up your makeup can be done, just by adding a few drops of face oil over your cheeks to refresh your foundation and create a natural glow.

Chill out

If your eye and lip pencils are really soft, then leave them in the fridge for an hour before you sharpen them. This stops product from being wasted.
Swirl on brush

When applying powder, blusher or bronzer then spin the brush in small light circles from the cheekbone to the hairline. This gives a flawless airbrushed look.

Remove make-up

Douse a cotton pad with makeup remover and add coconut oil to the cotton pad too. This then enables the stubborn makeup to slide off with ease. The coconut oil also leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Add blush

If you have a nice shade of eye shadow or blusher, I like to opt for a pinky colour. Then you can apply this to your lips. It gives your lips a matte finish and gives them a long lasting colour. 
I hope some of these tips have been helpful 🙂


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